Quick Start

A brief introduction to making your first IP lookups. Exciting, isn'it it!?.

First Call

Our goal is to provide a service with quick, easy implemention. We use a REST API to pull a specific IP or the machine you’re calling from automatically. Here are a couple examples:

curl https://api.geoipmap.com/ip/
    "country":"United States",


We have an endpoint that easily allows you to see your stats for the current 24 hour period, these include

  • The key used (IP for free users, API Key for paid)
  • Lookup requests we’ve received so far
  • The maximum requests allowed by this IP or api key
  • The time that your keys will reset at

    "key": "", // or api key
    "received": 5,
    "max": 1000,
    "resettime": "2018-03-21T00:13:46.784242046Z"

Status Codes

Status Codes Code Description 200 (OK) The IP lookup was successful and returned as expected. 400 (Bad Request) There was an error with the format your IP was submitted in. 500 (Internal Server Error) Critical error internally, these should be reported. 429 (Too Many Requests) There are two scenarios where this error will be returned You’ve reached your request quota for the 24 hour period You are making requests too quickly

API Keys

Premium subscribers need to use an API key like so, for example

curl -H "x-api-key: [YOUR TOKEN]" https://api.geoipmap.com/ip/