Quick Start On-Prem

Quickly spin up a GeoIPMap on-prem server for unlimited requests.

Bad news
This feature is still in progress! We're working hard feel free to drop as an email if you want to be notified when it launches!


This is going to be a brief introduction on how to get the GeoIPMap server up and running. If you’re looking for general GeoIPMap usage checkout this tutorial.


Dependencies are a pain, so we try to limit them as much as possible. Our GeoIPMap server is packaged in a Docker container and needs Docker to run. It also needs to be able to access a few HTTP websites to get updated databases and check-in with the GeoIPMap home servers for instructions on when and where to get the new data.

A note about security: we validate the http ssl certificates on all of the servers we contact to ensure we know and trust where the data is coming from. On all downloaded data we validate data integrity with a hash from our trusted sources. This way we know that we get the right data, from the right sources.

Coming Soon

The rest of this document will arrive shortly, hang in there!